Waterfront Development

Waterfront Development

Here at Dyer’s Grading and Excavation, we like a challenge, and there’s nothing more challenging (and fun!) than working in the mud. When water is involved, it takes extensive experience to know the outcome and what will remain once the structure or earth has been developed. We’re experienced and we know the best routes to take when developing water front construction on riverbanks, lakesides, ponds, etc. You name it, we can do it!

Waterfront Construction

We have experience working with all sorts of waterfront construction.  Preparing the ground for aesthetics and functionality near or on water is something we enjoy doing.  New waterfront construction projects need precise development and care when preparing. You tell us what you want developed and we’ll make sure to make that plan a reality.

Waterfront Development

Waterfront Restoration

Restoring waterfront properties and bringing it up to par with the surrounding area is crucial in today’s real estate market.  With our expertise and your vision, we can greatly increase your property’s value.  Or, if you are after pure aesthetics for your property, we’ve got you covered.

Maritime Construction

Shoreline protection installations, building or restoring lake, creek and riverfront sea walls – check!  Rip Rap, from natural looking materials preventing erosion, with very little to no maintenance – check!  Surge Rock, big enough to keep things where they belong -check! Dyer’s Grading and Excavation, ready to take care of your waterfront needs – check!